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Centuries of emigration have led to a world-wide Gaelic 'diaspora' and you may be one of this global community of people whose ancestors left the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. You will find a warm welcome awaiting you at 'home' - and for those of you interested in exploring your Gaelic roots here is a list of possible starting points.

  • Genealogy
  • Ancestral Scotland It is estimated that there are around 28 million people in the world who can claim Scots ancestry, perhaps you are one of them?
  • Scottishweb Guide to Scotland's history and culture with excellent genealogy section
  • Seallam! Visitor Centre, Isle of Harris here is a chance to get to know some of the factors which have had an influence on the development of the various Island communities, while for the more serious student there is a vast
  • Bill Lawson Publications Specialist Books & Genealogy Research for the Outer Hebrides
  • Museum of the Isles, Armadale, Isle of Skye Trace your Scottish West Coast roots, research your family, or just visit and browse through the many reference books and documents in the Library and Study Centre at the Clan Donald Centre.
  • Roots Hebrides This site gives advice to anyone with Hebridean roots researching their family history and also provides information on the islands' history and culture.
  • Burke's Landed Gentry Scotland Essential resource for anyone researching Scottish ancestry, with in-depth articles on Scottish clans and families and clickable clan maps.
  • Scottish Genealogy Your Scottish Kin
  • Everascot Information on clans and surnames of Scotland
  • Ar Turas This is the site for Ar Turas, a small team based in Edinburgh, which provides independent research on Scotland and the Scots including ancestry and aspects of social history
  • Co Leis Thu? Genealogical Reseach The site is devoted to the genealogical resource at Co Leis Thu? The resource is based on research carried out over many years by Bill & Chris Lawson, who are celebrated as authorities on the genealogy of families from the Western Isles.
  • Genealogy - Scotland This site provides a collection of resources designed to assist those wishing to trace their Scottish ancestry. It has been prepared by the Dept. of Geography at Edinburgh University.
  • Scottish Genealogy Society This is the site for the Society. Its aims are to promote research into Scottish family history and to undertake the collection, exchange and publication of material relating to genealogy.
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