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Celtic Church

Given Gaelic's 1500 year history in Scotland an the fact that the language was spoken in most parts of the country at one time or another it is not surprising that a great number of places have a particular significance in terms of its evolution and development. Whether it was because a celebrated Gaelic poet lived and composed there, a famous literary work was completed there, or a battle which had a bearing of Gaelic history was fought there these places help to build up your understanding of this wonderful and ancient tongue. Why not begin your exploration of our Gaelic heritage here?

  • Historic Places
  • Iona This site is devoted to Iona or I Chaluim Chille - the isle of Colm Cille, an Irish priest and prince who was to become revered as Saint Columba. A tiny island, of typically Hebridean beauty, Iona is hugely important in Gaelic's history.
  • St Kilda This site is devoted to the story of St Kilda which lies 66 kilometres west of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides. Its Gaelic speaking population was evacuated in 1930 bringing to a close an extraordinary story of survival.
  • The Book of Deer This site is devoted to the story of the Book of Deer, a tenth century illuminated manuscript from North East Scotland which is the earliest known Scottish Gaelic
  • The Finlaggan Trust The islands at Finlaggan contain the remains of buildings, many of which date from Medieval times, when this place was the centre of the realm of the Lords of the Isles. It is a hugely important place in the Gaelic history of Scotland.
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